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Dear customers,

on these sites we try to give you a general view on our assortment of goods.

In addition to these items, we have many articles as specials or individual items which are not listed here.

Besides, our range of products is so huge that it will take a little time until we have finished these sites!

So if you are looking for something special you can´t find on these sites, don´t hesitate to contact us - maybe we can help you anyhow! And if we don´t have it, maybe we can order it for you.

On each site there should be a price list on top - if you are missing a price, ask us! Certainly we also send you goods by mail, charging only the postage of DHL.

dishes for fishes

(plates, platters, pastry-forms, forms for scallops and mussels, plates for oysters and escargots,...)



(baking dishes, casseroles, forms for quiche, pie, souffle, foie gras,...)


For the kitchen

(mortars, boxes, pots, cheese covers,...)


Coffee & Tea

(teapots, coffeepots, teapot warmers, coffeehouse-specials...)


small preciousnesses

(little boxes, special gimmicks, extravagant Limoges-items, fanciful forms...) 


Pizza & Pasta

(Plate for pizza and pasta)



(any form and any size: for salt, for soup, for cake... all porcelaine!)


Well laid table

(candle holders, napkin stands and rings, place cards, knife-rests,...)


Well served

(cake stand, fruit-dishes, cake plates, trays,...)


very special forms for very special food as dishes for fondue, a pig-shaped dish for meat-salad or tatar, dishes and cups looking like made of paper...

Accessories for the table

(butter dishes, breakfast platters, bowls, egg cups,...)




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