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FAQ - freequently asked questions

1. Do you dispatch goods?
2. How can I / Do you repair my damaged porcelain?
3. Do you sell old porcelain that is not being produced any more?
4. Why are there so huge differences in porcelain prices?
5. My porcelain looks dirty and I cannot get it clean - do you know a trick?


1. Do you dispatch goods?

Yes, we do. We deliver after prepayment and calculate the freight of DHL.

You can make an order by phone, fax, mail or by our set form on this homepage under "Kontakt". Tell us, what you want to order and your full name and adress.

Then we will send you an invoice. Directly after your payment we will send your order to you.

If one or more items are not in stock, we will tell you that and the estimated date of delivery. Then you can decide whether you still want to order or not. 


2. How can I / Do you repair my damaged porcelain?

If your porcelain is only for adornment and not in use (esp. not in contact with food), you can buy "2-Komponentenkleber" in a hardware store (for example Baumarkt, Obi or Praktiker). 

If your porcelain is in use and in contact with food and dishwater, you can only let it be repaired by a specialist. We cannot do that, but in Düsseldorf you find:



3. Do you sell old porcelain that is not being produce any more?

No! We only sell current porcelain. In some occasions we sell a lot of remaining stock as a special offer, but only exceptional items. But there are some sellers in the world wide web which are specialised in selling porcelain which is not produced any more. You can try to find here:





4. Why are there so huge differences in porcelaine prices?

Sometimes you can find a bargain buy because of remaining stocks, overproduction, special offers or sell out. But in general there is the rule:

Every kind of quality has its own price!

Not knowing what to look for, some items seem to be equal in quality, but are not if you know more.

The look

How smooth / shiny / white is the glaze? How regular is the body of the item?

And what about the design? Is the form extravagant and complex to manufacture or simple, easily to produce by machines? Has a designer been working for months to find the perfect form, which looks great and which is a pleasure to touch? O has someone copied a nice looking thing badly enough that it is not a plagiarism? 

Production: wages

Manufacturing porcelain still needs a lot of manual labour! And in Germany and the middle of europe (as France), the employees obtain higher wages and social security benefits as in other parts of the world.

Production: environment

Manufacturing porcelain needs a lot of energy because the brand is over 1200 degrees Celsius. It also needs water and other raw materials. How these materials are used and how the energy is produced makes a big difference. Most of the German manufacturerers are part of "be green" to save the ecological environment.


High-quality porcelain is more resistant against scratches and impacts as lower qualities are. Maybe you cannot see the difference when the item is new, but high quality porcelain does look new a much longer time.

Interested in finding out how porcelain is produced and in the german tradition of manufacturing porcelain? Look here:



5. My porcelain looks dirty - do you know a trick?

Sometimes coffee or black tee is remaining in cups or pots. You can get rid of those coatings by using tablets for cleaning false teeth (Kukident). Fill the cup or pot (it also works with a vase or decanter) with water, put the pellet in and let it soak over night.

If you have grey lines on your plates or a grey ring at the bottom of a cup, it is usually an abrasion of your cutlery. The glaze of the porcelaine is harder then the metal of the knives and spoons. The metal-marks can be buffed off the porcelain with metal-polish (for example Stahlfix or Sidol). But this is a lot of work.

Many discoloration or spots can be taken off the porcelaine by carefully rubbing with abrasive powder (Scheuerpulver). But use water and attention not to damage the surface of your porcelain item!

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